Recent Cases

Haagsch College

In collaboration with Haagsch College, we worked on various productions in the recent months, including Europa Draait Door - de verkiezingsshow, a co-production between Haagsch College, VPRO and NPO Radio 1.

How do you give an interesting twist to a radio podcast and translate that into a visual experience in the theaters? That was the challenge with Europa draait door.

In addition to designing the presentations, we are also active in the field of socials and brand development for Haagsch College, for more upcoming events, visit www.haagschcollege.nl

Holland High Tech

'Innoveren NU!' or translated 'Innovate NOW!'  The theme of past Holland High Tech EVENT 2023.

The Netherlands is facing major challenges. The high-tech sector plays a crucial role in the urgent transitions needed to achieve this. Together with Holland High Tech and Dieuwertje Ontwerpt (Graphic and Strategic Design) we made a series of animations for the event that took place in Circa Amsterdam. In addition, Holland High Tech also presented their new vision for the year 2030.

Watch it here: